Being a Teacher

We are all teachers. It is how we evolve, how we learn, how we grow. In the dichotomy of life learning and teaching are constants. From the beginning of time, the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom has plagued mankind (Ever since the serpent and the fruit tree debacle). And those who did manage to acquire said knowledge or wisdom were then tasked with it's propagation. And so it continues, even now.

I have never actively wanted to be a teacher, but my desire to learn was always innate and profoundly manifest in having a teacher as my mother (and vice-versa). Which I think aided significantly in my development, intellectually as well as metaphysically. Up until the Universe/ Destiny/ God Almighty, whatever you want to call it, led me to my current situation in life: An Assistant Language Teacher.

Life is ironic isn't it? Throughout my entire student career I promised myself one thing... I would NEVER become a teacher. Not because I found the task too monumental and I was dwarfed and humbled by the responsibility of educating and nurturing the future. No, none of that mattered to me.

The one thing that made me resolute in avoiding the teaching profession at all cost was this: children, especially teenagers, are a pain in the ASS! Not to mention they're full of shit! How can I say this? Well, it's simple. I was a student for the majority of my life and I gave most (if not all) of my teachers HELL! From the young to the old. I would not discriminate. It has been alleged that I single-handedly "intimidated" teachers, leading them into early retirement and frustrating them to tears.

I am not proud of these things (actually yes I am). But I was a teenager. It's what we DO. It's a rite of passage. Maturity is for adults. It is absolutely true when they say your childhood is the best time of your life! Trust! But yes, I digress. I was a real pain in the ass (for want of a better term) while I was in high school. Which is why I feel like karma has led me into this particular vocation. Payback is truly a bitch.

Nevertheless, despite my disdain towards become a teacher, it is and continues to be one of the MOST rewarding things I have done in my life, thus far. In fact, I think everyone should do at least 2 years of teaching after leaving school, kinda like how young men are required to do service in the military. I truly believe that the teaching experience is paramount in helping us all to manifest our true purpose on this earth as well as helping us towards A New Earth, a new consciousness.

Which is why it frustrates me to the core when people like Vybz Kartel proclaim themselves as 'di teacha' without living up to their responsibility and role in said capacity. [For more on my thoughts on Mr. Kartel please read my Monkey Say, Monkey Do post.]

The truth is, the teacher-student relationship is very much mutually symbiotic. At any given point both parties are learning, teaching and growing from their continued interaction. Each one, teach one is my motto. I try not only to teach something new everyday but also to learn something new. The world is in the grips of a massive conscious evolution and it should behoove us all to help each other to reach and maintain that higher vibration of consciousness and positive energy.

After all, that's what being a teacher is all about. Motivating, nurturing and encouraging each other to be the best we we know we can be.


am proud to be a teacher

Nadya Dee