Monkey Say, Monkey Do

It's funny how we allow pop culture to influence our choices and actions in this day and age; how we unconsciously buy into the fallacies that are being fed through our airwaves and television screens via media.

When did we become a people who surrendered our individuality to others and why?

Is it that strenuous to make decisions on your own?

I wonder.

This is never more evident than with the monkey of the year.... Vybz Kartel.

Recently Mr. Kartel began advocating a popular brand of shoes called Clarks. Suddenly, everyone owned a pair or desired to own a pair. One monkey said. The other monkeys did.

Of course I am not referring to the people who were already patronising the brand before Kartel. But you cannot tell me that a sense of validation didn't rise inside of you upon realising that the head Monkey and yourself were on the "same wavelength" fashion-wise.

Don't remind me of when the Chief Monkey aka Daddy or Dawdy said build and all of a sudden everyone was obsessed with carpentering.

Alas, the desert clarks and bank robbers craze is still the "in thing" this summer. However, in addition to the shoes we are now commanded by Head Monkey that straight jeans and fitted caps with white t-shirts are the appropriate mode of apparel.

Yes, yes, I know. People have always worn white Tees and straight jeans. So how do I know that this is as a direct result of the Monkey Commandments? Well just implore me...

Since this monkey video with Dawdy Palmer wearing a rosary around his terribly bleached neck I have seen an influx of men wearing rosaries. Yes I said it. Rosaries. Like Hail Mary full of Grace Rosaries. O__oh! Jesus just turn over in his.... yeah well... you know what I mean.

I am distraught. Is this some new form of subliminal brain washing? or are we just too lazy to think for ourselves? And why in heavens name do I feel like going out and buying cake soap and a G-Shock watch???


absolutely hates monkeys!

NadYa Dee