Greetings Beloveds, 

In the year of our Lord 2016, hereafter referred to as the Year of 9, the 9 blog posts below were crafted in an effort to elucidate the deeper importance of the Divine Digit, 9. 

  1. The Year of 9 Blog Series Introduced on 2.7.9
  2. What is a Digital Root? on 11.7.9
  3. Could 9 really hold the Key to the Universe? on 20.7.9
  4. Fibonacci's Spiral: 9 in Divine Design on 29.7.9
  5. 9 through Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation on 1.8.9
  6. Thoth's 9th Emerald Tablet on 10.8.9
  7. Word on 19.8.9
  8. Sound on 28..8.9
  9. Culminating in Power on 9.9.9

& for your listening pleasure #StrictlyVintageSizzla:

I give thanks to siStar Jah9 for entrusting me with this crucial mission 
with ALL PRAISE going directly to the Most High Creator without whom nothing can exist.


Nadya Dee