The Year of 9: the Key to the Universe [#3]

What number do you see?

Now that we have a better understanding of what a digital root is and how that relates to this year being the #Yearof9 we can begin to further grasp the gravity of this magical and mystical numeral.

How is the number 9 revealed in our conceptualization of our place within the Milky Way Galaxy and eventually our situation within the entire Cosmos? 

When I was growing up our Solar System comprised of 9 planets. 

Who remembers "My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets"? 

9 planets rotating around our Sun. 
Our Source of Life and Light. 

You're still a planet to me Pluto!

Our Solar System is located about 27, 000 light years from the Galactic Centre (i.e. rotational centre) of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Furthermore, the first spacecraft to land on the moon (actually on any planetary body other than Earth) and to transmit photographic data to Earth from the surface of another planetary body was called the Luna 9

It weighed 99 kg and took 9 images of the surface of the moon.

Astronomically, there are 27 constellations in our galaxy, and each one them has 4 directions, 
and 27 x 4 = 108. 
In other words the number 108 covers the whole galaxy.

As you can see, the number 9 has been an integral aspect of man's discovery of the Universe and in essence in man's own evolution as a sentient being having human experiences. 

The Key to the Universe - a cosmic design throughout space and time.

Mathematics has always functioned as a form of communication within the Universe.
Hidden Secrets. 
Celestial Wisdom. 
The Akashic Records.

When we think about a circle and our understanding of space from the central point of that circle we can begin to identify and calculate angles.

Geometry anyone?
You might want to draw for your protractor and compass at this point. 

Initially we have 360° in a circle. [3+6+0=9]
Divide that into 2 semi circles and you get 180° [1+8+0=9]
That same circle split further into 4, each corner equaling 90° [9+0=9]
The more you divide it into smaller equal parts, the more you find the digital root 9.

45° [4+5=9]  

22.5° [2+2+5=9]  

11.25° [1+1+2+5=9]  

5.625° [5+6+2+5=9]  

2.8125° [2+8+1+2+5=9]  

1.40625° [1+4+0+6+2+5=9]

0.703125° [7+0+3+1+2+5=9]

You can keep dividing if you want but you're always going to return to the digital root 9.
Trust me.

9 is integral to the design of the Universe. 
It spans every dimension.

In time, when we examine the minutes and seconds in both a week and a year we find the digital root 9 at work once again.

There are 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds in a day.
[1+4+4+0=9] :: [8+6+4+0+0=9]

There are also 10, 080 minutes in a week and 525,600 minutes in a year.
[1+0+0+8+0=9] :: [5+2+5+6+0+0=9]

Simply put, the number 9, being the last in a base 10 system, is the last and limit of all that is.

The Intelligent design of our universe is geometrical and congruent forming beautiful shapes and images with the number 9 as a proof of concept stamp on it given by God.

Moving forward we will explore the Golden Ratio, PHI [ϕ], and the Fibonacci Sequence for further evidence of the role of 9 in the Universe.