The Year of 9: Culminate [#9]

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On 2.7.9, thanks to Jah9, the Year of 9 Blog Series was introduced to the World Wide Web. 
Birthed out of serendipity and synchronicity, the series embarked on a journey of discovery with the number 9 as a guiding light; a shining beacon. 

Beginning with the establishment of a firm foundation, a very crucial question was asked and answered.

Why 2016?

A year of unity, completion and activation, 2016 represents the number 9, a Universal Year, 
as the digital root of the number 2016 is 9 [2+0+1+6=9].

Spark ignited, fire ablaze, we then ventured into the Cosmos to see how the number 9 revealed itself to us in our conceptualization of our place within the Milky Way Galaxy. 

There, we found that the number 9 was truly a Key to the Universe

Fibonacci's Sequence, in its spiral outward also indicated within its Divine Design the shape of the number 9. 

A shape that, if you open your third eye, can be found everywhere.
And once seen, it cannot be unseen.

On a brief sojourn into ancient Vedic tradition, 9 manifested itself once again through yoga and the sacred number 108 in its representation of the wholeness of existence. 

We then teleported westward into Ancient Khemet where we found further evidence of a hidden code in THOTH's 9th Emerald Tablet: The Key of Freedom of Space.

Signs and Wonders. 

Through WORD and SOUND we have come to acknowledge the true POWER of this Divine Digit, 9. 

Culminating on this most auspicious occasion 
-- the Ninth Day of the Ninth Month in the Year of Nine --
 I hope that this journey into the mystery, mastery and magickry of the number 9 was as fulfilling for you as it was for


itinually learning, growing & evoluting

Give Thanks for sticking with me on the 9 Trod. 
Trod on. 
Walk Well. 

Nadya Dee