I am a child of God - Perfect in all my imperfections. 

Today, I release that which no longer serves me. 
In the past I may have received messages that I was weak, powerless, unlovable or simply not good enough. 

Throughout my life I may have subconsciously carried those beliefs around like a heavy backpack. 
Weighing me down. Stressing out my shoulders. Knotting up my back muscles. Messing up my chakras.
Emotional pain manifesting in the physical. 

Those who sent those messages were clearly unaware of my Divine purpose on this Earth. 
I enfold them now in love and rejoice in the gifts of the Universe which are always available to me. 

I am a perfect expression of the Most High Creator. 

I no longer carry around beliefs that do not serve me. 
As I release these burdens, I feel their weights slip off my back. 
My whole being sighs with relief as I stretch, straighten my back and stand erect. 

I declare: 

I am strong. 
I am powerful beyond measure. 
I am loved. 

And so it is.


letting go again & again

Nadya Dee