Wray & Nephew ablaze!

(pic via @Sean_Spence's tweetphoto)

I am in shock...complete and utter shock! Imagine I come to work and log on to twitter (as per usual) only to learn that Wray & Nephew is on fire [and might still be burning even now.]

First they said the stock was safe but now I'm hearing that the warehouse is on fire as well.

What in the Lord's name is happening????

Anyone who truly knows me knows just how much I love my J Wray & Nephew overproof white rum. It's the only rum I drink. All other rums just pale in comparison. So you can just imagine the dismay an near heart failure I am currently battling through.

Do mi a beg unnu gwaan pray fi di rum.

And before unnu ask mi why mi a ack up over di rum if mi can't drink it... Let me tell unnu one thing. White rum is not only for drinking. It cure disease, dress cut, reduce fever... anyting yuh want it can do. Hell it can even use as contraceptive. lol

Bwaiiiii I don't know what to do. This whole day just feels like a dream.

See more fire pics below (via gleaneronline):




Mi a guh hol a rum vigil tonight. I suggest you all do the same.


tekkin a shot of whites tonight under the full moon then huggin up her bottle for dear life!

NadYa Dee