My X-Mas Wish List: More Time [Cartier]

Cartier Tank Solo Watch, 2,200 USD

As Christmas rounds the corner I can't help but think, "where did the time go?" And not in the sense that I feel I haven't accomplished anything in that time, but it all seems to be moving so fast. And here I am, still not sure what I'm supposed to be doing with my life and where I'm supposed to be. It's almost as if my life is in free fall, as if I'm sitting in a shink watching the world whizz by.

I do, however, feel closer to where I need to be, where ever that may be. I think I fulfilled a majority of the few goals that I wrote down at the beginning of 2009 (in a book that I subsequently lost to the Universe) and this makes me feel content. At least I'm not wasting away.

Regarding time: aside from the shell watch (I bought while on vacation in Philippines) which I seldom wear, I don't really own a watch. Which could be the cause or effect of me being unable to keep time well. I mean, keeping time or being "on-time" has never ever been a priority of mine. I actually hate being early for things, it just feels like I'm wasting time waiting. Especially now as the days become shorter and colder, every extra minute I can spend in bed is time well spent.

Nevertheless, next year I might start paying more attention to my time, providing I have a really good reason to (see example above).
2000+ USD is more than worth paying attention to, am I right???

Anyhoo, I assume 2010 will be just as expedient as 2009...


just hope I can keep up this time

Nadya Dee