The Japanese Office Episode Next: Negligence

I hate my Office!!! Really I do... and the only thing keeping me from throwing a fit and cussing one whole bag a badwud is this blog here. Honestly. It's my sanity.

Here it goes:

Last week Firday was the deadline for the Tokyo Orientation. So I gave my supervisor the application on Thursday, giving him an entire day to get his shit together and send it in! I think this was pretty reasonable. I mean how long does it take to sign a form and send it in? seriously!

Lo and behold I arrive at my office this morning and he comes at me with the form, explaining that apparently he isn't the supervisor that is supposed to sign it and that he'd be sending it to the Kencho in time to meet the deadline this Friday. Now on the form it is clearly printed IN JAPANESE that the deadline was March 6th 2009. So imagine my frustration finding out that he has made me miss the deadline after I took the time to fill out the forms AND print them on my own printer using my own paper. 

I don't know what to do! I feel like screaming! And then they make a fucking fuss when I am 1 minute late but this fool can't manage to send in a form on time. So now I have no chance of getting considered for the TOA position and as such will be forced to find some other way to occupy myself this coming Summer. 

Oh what a cross tumble dung pon mi! Almshouse ting man! Badmind has been reactivated!

Update: Ok so maybe I overreacted just a little bit...he says he's sent it in...so we'll just have to wait and see


thinks there's someone out there just pushed the "Piss Nadya Off" button 

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