Feelin haunted

At times like this, i'd just ignore the fact that I have a blog and hope that people forgot that i'd promised to write a next Matey Chronicle. But I made a vow that I would NOT abandon my writing even in the darkest of hours...ok so maybe it's not dark dark now...but it's pretty bleak...

I don't know what's going on with the moon or the tide now but I feeling quite haunted...and i'm almost positive that my period not coming...or maybe i'm ovulating...damn this female bullshit!

I was saying to one of my BMFs the other day how more time I wish I had a penis...not that I don't love my chunchun, but more time is just such hard work...not to mention the whole emotional shit that comes with it...look pon all RiRi now...nuttn more dan di pussy got all emotional and shi spazz out pon di yute...and we all think we know how that turned out...sooo....

....since I don't have a man to flip out on and get tump in my face....i'm going to do one of these stupid lists from facebook...I decided to do it on here so that I wouldn't feel tempted to "tag" anyone...cause trus mi...mi cyaah deal wid di one bag a tagging....

Plus my attention span is wavering so I think i'll do ONE WORD

Here goes nothing...fuck it I cyaah bodda...mi gone


Haunted nuh raas

Nadya Dee