I can feel my birthday coming; my rebirth. The plants are growing, the flowers blooming. Bliss. I feel life's purpose approaching...and it's comforting. And as I shed another year, I prepare to embrace another one. I had the strangest dream last night. I was in an action movie. My friends were there, more like Adventures of Scooby Doo...but there was a traitor (not a mermaid) in our midst and I discovered it. I wonder if that's a premonish or a reminish...hmmm...

Just realised how much i'm gunna miss my home. Sigh. Planning an island tour during my month. Also planning to celebrate the birthday for the whole month. ALSO...tantanada! Writing a story a day...seeing how far that will go.

Staying positive and being all that I can be.

Nadya Dee