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Song of Songs: My Beloved

The Canticles also known as the Song of Songs and most popularly known as the Songs of Solomon is currently speaking to my heart and soul! 

Lyrics cyaaaaaah done!

According to Wikipedia, the Songs of Solomon celebrates sexual love. It gives "the voices of two lovers, praising each other, yearning for each other, proffering invitations to enjoy". 

The two voices are in harmony, each desiring the other and rejoicing in sexual intimacy; the women (or "daughters") of Jerusalem form a chorus to the lovers, functioning as an audience whose participation in the lovers' erotic encounters facilitates the participation of the reader.

The Shulammite in the story (a country girl)  represents the female version of Solomon; one who passed through a long process and now has been matured to become qualified to "work" with Solomon in his many vineyards.

She says she is "black" because she had to work in the vineyards and got burned by the sun.
Through verses she competes with her lover as they exchange flattering compliments back and forth. 
Stories of dreams and descriptions of beauty permeate the entire text as I continue to read.

Which then leads me to thoughts on courting and desire and the relationship between woman and man. 

And I have decided that γ„まから how a man displays his intentions towards me, through words, should primarily be comparable to that of the Songs of Songs. 

Him and me, singing praises to each other; individual reflections of the Creator. 

Words of love and adoration, precious nectar to the ears.
Complete and total acceptance. 

From his lips to my heart. 
"Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride; milk and honey are under your tongue."
- Song of Songs 3:12
Is it ever wrong to pursue your heart's desires? 

How do you differentiate love from lust? 
Separating Carnal desire from Celestial adoration. 

I remain guarded...

"You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain." - Song of Songs 3:12

Seeking first the Kingdom of the Most High WITHIN. 

Keeping what is mine safe and secure until the perfect time when my lover sings to me,

Eventually, I hope to experience the totality of affections and overwhelming feelings of love and sexual adoration cascade over my being like a huge never-ending waterfall.  

Niagara in proportions. 
Whetting my very soul. 

That day when I can say:

Nadya Dee



Spiritual Detergent: Creating a Clean Heart [Ritual]

Things you need: 
an unclean heart/mind/soul/chakra
Frankincense & Myrrh (optional)
White sage smudging stick 
Crystals (Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst etc)
Spiritually uplifting reading material (Bible, Quran, Sutras)
Steam Chalice & Lamb's Bread (optional)

"Mankind need to cleanse and wash out them soul with spiritual detergent..."


STEP ONE: Create an altar somewhere quiet where you can meditate in peace. This is a perfect time to steep your Iyashi Herbs Herbal Infusion. 
STEP TWO: Set your intention i.e. to cleanse your heart/spirit/soul. You can do this by saying a prayer, calling on your Higher Self and invoking the Spiritual guidance of your ancestors/ angels/ Ascended Masters. 
STEP THREE: Light the candle, the incense and the white sage. Cleanse the area, your body and your crystals with an attitude of gratitude. You can also burn the Frankincense & Myrrh at this time.

"Clean up your heart and come..."

STEP FOUR: Allow all negative thoughts/ feelings to melt away as you read an inspirational passage from your Bible/ Quran/ Sutras etc. 
STEP FIVE: Gently sip on your herbal brew as you meditate on the words you have just read. Sipping from your steam chalice can be done at this point also.
STEP SIX: Close your eyes and, using your third eye, visualize a pure white light expanding from the centre of your heart chakra and engulfing your entire body as it transmutes all negativity into LOVE. 
STEP SEVEN: Utter words of gratitude for all the persons you have encountered in your life on this earthly plane. Without them you would not be who you are today. Together we are all ONE. 



Nadya Dee

"Put your lighters in the air from you know your heart clean like a whistle..."

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