The ORIGINAL Matey Chronicles

Many many many moons ago when I had just started this here blog, a series of stories evolved out of my being and took root in this virtual space. 

I dubbed it "The Matey Chronicles" because that is exactly what those stories were to me; a chronicling of the experiences of being 'the other woman' or 'the matey'. They were partially based on real life events while heavily layered with what I now like to describe as "Erotyq Fykshun" (erotic fiction) or poetic porn. 

When the first story was published and shared online in March 2007 I received unexpected encouragement that caused me to publish a few more stories which eventually tapered out into stagnancy. Life happened. 

Nevertheless, the realisation of the merit of those mere musings of my mind came about in 2014 when one of the stories from "The Matey Chronicles" was published in a Caribbean anthology called 'Senseisha: Memoirs of the Caribbean Woman'. Here's a link to the book on Amazon.  

Finally and officially published, I elected to remove most (if not all) of my erotyq fykshun from this blogspot (for copyright reasons) and replanted them in a separate blog space which required specific permission based on the explicitness of the content. 

Since then, those stories have remained in that space, marinating; unmonitored and mostly unshared because I was (and probably am still) not sure how ready and willing I was to truly accept that aspect of my innermost Sacred Self. 

However, since my life is all about the evolution of self, of course the Universe would have to manifest a play of the same name premièring in my place of birth during the 10-year anniversary of The Matey Chronicles in order to jolt me into action. 

So without further ado, I am hereby inviting any and all who might be interested in whetting their appetites for the ORIGINAL Matey Chronicles to click the link below and venture with me down the rabbit hole that is my Sacral Chakra in literary form or as I like to call it:

 Deelyshys Erotyq Fykshun

(Delicious Erotic Fiction)


Nadya Dee
Writer of the ORIGINAL Matey Chronicles circa 2007.