There's been a lot of energy surrounding the term THOT recently. 

This post, however, is a conscious attempt to redirect those energies towards the evolution and knowledge of the Universe and ultimately of self as a physical manifestation of the Creator. 

For my New Moon ceremony this month I sought some clarity on the events unfolding in my life from the Anubis Oracle. After pulling the card for Sacred Purpose, I pulled the Sacred Archetypal Element of Air (The Crested Ibis) which then segued into the Egyptian Neteru and Lunar Deity: Thoth, also known as Tehuti or Djehuty.  

About Thoth

"This sacred holy scribe and wisdom keeper urges us ever upward toward higher learning so that we are able to understand the deeper meaning of our lives. When we have embodied the truth of our lives we are able to articulate and share that wisdom authentically from an enlightened place. This form of communication has its basis in the soul’s fountain of wisdom.Thoth is usually represented as either a sacred ibis or a baboon, or a man with an ibis head. In ancient times he was called Djehuti and he was associated with Hermes by the Greeks. The Hermetic tradition, the Western magical tradition, and the tarot are all sourced from Thoth. To the ancient Egyptians, he represented the highest concept of mind. He is closely associated with the moon, and therefore knows the secrets of time and measurement. As the god of writing, communications, language, medicine and healing, architecture, mathematics and accounting, astronomy, science, and magic Thoth has long been known as the “teachers’ teacher.” He is also considered to be the author of all great Egyptian books of wisdom. The Romans called him Mercury, the messenger of the gods, yet he is much more—he is the mediator, the one who sees the big picture and finds a solution for every problem. Whereas Ptah was said to have created the world with his thoughts, Thoth was said to have named those thoughts into being and is sometimes called “the tongue of Ptah” or “the intellect of Ptah.” Another creation myth suggests that Thoth rose up from the primordial mound and created, out of the primeval chaos, the Ogdoad, the original eight principles of nature from which all life emerged." 

Ancient myths suggest that Thoth created himself through the power of language.

With Mercury in Retrograde, communication becoming a prevalent theme for the next few weeks.
 I therefore give thanks for the guidance being offered by Thoth/ Tehuti in these times. 

As a writer, I am constantly finding ways in which to transform thoughts into words, whether spoken or written. Trying to always convey messages of truth and wisdom.

As a teacher, I am always conscious of the ways in which I impart my thoughts and knowledge on others. Ever hoping for clarity in perception and reception on the other end.

As a healer, I can only pray that my actions through my hands will continue to be a conduit for the Universal Life Force Energy which can do no harm; which only brings forth loving, healing energy into this realm. 

As a human being, I remain committed to learning and growing, evolving with each new moon and new day. 


remaining THOTH-ful in all my words, works and deeds...

Nadya Dee

FUN FACT: The moon and the sun were initially thought of as the left and right eyes of Horus. According to legend, Horus' left eye (the moon) was injured in a fight with Set and was restored by Thoth ("the eye of Horus").