Udjat || Wedjet || Wadjet

Tattoo # 7 -- the Eye of Horus aka the 'Whole One'. It represents the Moon, protection from evil, intuition, wisdom, health, prosperity and light. (Others have taken it to mean the Illuminati... =/)

For me, the Eye of Horus symbolises where I am in my life now. 1/4 of a century after roaming aimlessly on this earth I think I've finally found my path. And while I am still not absolutely certain what the future holds I am aware enough to accept the unknown, knowing that what is meant to be is and always will be.

It is also no coincidence that as I embrace my clairvoyance I come to learn that the Wadjet is divided in to fractions of 64 and the fraction for 1/4 represents the eye in the wadjet symbol, not to mention my obsession with the moon and my recent preoccupation with the chakras (more specifically the 6th chakra, Ajna i.e. the Third Eye Chakra).

In my journey through this life I gather these tattoos as testaments to my growth, my experiences and my evolution. Call it an obsession, an addiction, an abomination whatever. To me they are artistic expressions of my individuality, what I have seen, where I have been and what I have learnt along the way. So as I continue to evolve and become more aware of myself I'll use these tattoos to help me document that journey.


thinks before she inks

NadYa Dee