My vulva is NOT vulgar

I have often been accused of being vulgar or crass or non-PG 13 because of the ways I choose to express myself.

unlike many others, 
I have never found it necessary to tone down or dilute who I am for the sake of others. 
See, I can only be me...
 Uncensored, unadulterated, unapologetic Nadya Dee. 

I curse (a lot), I swear (ism't that the same thing?) I talk about sex (incessantly) and I don't come with a mute or volume button. 

Many may find this a problem. But I don't.
Many may mistake my preoccupation with sex to mean that I want to have sex with them. 
but that is hardly ever the case. 

Do I like sex? Of course I do. It's obvious to any and all who encounter me. 

Perhaps if I was a man my approach to sex would not seem as vulgar, but I find it more vulgar when a man speaks about vagina (as if he has one) than when a woman speaks about the same "organ" which she has intimate knowledge of. 

So I will continue being who I am, sans apology and sans any intention to alter who I truly am. 

If you have a problem with that, well, that's exactly what it is... 
YOUR problem. 

Not mines. 

Vulgarly yours, 

Nadya Dee.