My God vs Your God

If I could have placed God in a box,
tied up the package with a bow
and placed it in your hands, 
the box would have crumbled
in the twinkling of an eye.

Just as the birch would never tell the maple, 
"This is the shape and texture of leaves,"
so too, can I never tell you, 
"This is how it feels to be standing before God."

I can only reassure you
God will hear you if you ask
to be anchored in Life's love, 
if you ask to be turned
to face the Light. 
 God in a Box by Elliot Robertson.  

We are each having our own personal experience and manifestation of the Most High Creator on this planet. We are all here to serve our own individual purposes. Which is why when people ask me about my spiritual journey, why I am the way I am, I remind them that we each have our own paths to trod on this Earth. So try not to be overly concerned with what is going on outside of you. All that you seek, all that you need, resides within you. In a secret sacred place where the Holy Spirit of Divine Creation dwells. Once you are there in you and I am there in me - We are One: Peace, Light & Love. 


Nadya Dee