Psalm 1: Ungodliness vs. Righteousness

I am currently embarking on a 150 day challenge via this here my blog to document my journey through the Psalms also known as the Sepher Tellihim in Hebrew or 'Book of Praises'. 

It is my hope that in doing so I'll be able to cultivate the discipline necessary to traverse through this chaotic world. These poems which illustrate the depth of Israel's relationship with the Almighty Creator. 

I ask for divine guidance from all my Ascended Masters and Guardian angels. May the words revealed to me through this book nourish my mind, my heart and my Spirit. 

I pray that they draw me nearer to the Presence of the Most High. May I develop the habit of repeatedly choosing righteousness over ungodliness. So that I can eventually see His face and be embraced by his all-encompassing love. 

Through the practice of constant and deep meditation and inner reflection I can only hope that at the end of my journey I will demonstrate a renewed and strengthened faith. That I will be closer to the person He needs me to be to fulfill my true purpose here on earth. Like a tree planted by the rivers of water, I live in service of all Creation. 

Alpha and Omega.

Now and forever more. 


Nadya Dee