Right Peen, Wrong Person

Everything that could be wrong, was. Except the one thing that mattered the most. 

He aggravated every bone in her body. But when his body was on top of hers, when his boner was deep inside her, it all seemed to fade away. 

We all make bad decisions. Repeatedly. Until we learn the ultimate lesson. The old adage goes, "who cyaah hear mus feel" and it was that feeling that propelled her into his arms time and time again. 

And it was a great feeling. Skin against skin, flesh against flesh. The friction. The ecstasy. She wasn't sure what it was but there was something absolutely delectable about this man. Something she tried to resist but could not seem to shake. 

He whet her appetite then fed her desire. Continuously. He made every nerve in her body ignite. She felt her kundalini rise every time he stared into her eyes. With each thrust she threw all sense and reason out the window. 

Right now he was all she needed. So she turned a blind eye to all the neon signs that screamed:




Nope. She kept on pressing forward. Indulging in these fleeting moments. 

Temporary Pleasure

This was all she knew. These stolen moments. This was the lesson that she kept failing. 

You keep choosing the wrong thing. Men are not toys.  Learn: Person > Penis. 

And so the story continues...

Nadya Dee