Inanimate Objects

I don't see men as objects.
They walk, they talk, they run.
Men are not things.
They have feelings.
They think, they reason, they solve problems.
They are necessary.
For repopulation and the continuation of the line, Patriarchy.
It is wrong to treat men as if they are disposable.
Because they are not.
They are caring beings who demand respect.

However they are not your master.
Your relationship with them should be equal and balanced.
It is not healthy to constantly be at war with the masculine in everything.
Symbiosis is key.
Mutually beneficial.
Harmony is therefore achieved.

Men are not toys.
And they are certainly not boys.

Men protect and serve. They allay fears.

Men do not use or abuse.
Sado-Masochism is a deviation from true Union.

Who is to be blamed? When the third leg rules the brain.

It's not that I think men are merely useful models with great appendages but it's this awareness within myself that what they have is what I need.

And I become slightly possessive. Desirous even, of that one thing a woman always wants but can never truly have

enough batteries.

brought to you by the sacral chakra of

Nadya Dee