Man goes

...in an interesting turn of events I've found a pun. So I figured I'd try my hand at a little poetry.

Here it goes:

A man goes as he comes.
A man goes wherever he wants whenever he wants
He goes into situations and new experiences with all the fervor that life affords him
He goes in search of truth; he goes with humility and he goes alone.

A man goes without fear and sets himself apart from all others.
He goes for justice and equality or he goes for nothing at all.

A man goes for what he wants. He has a goal and he doesn't stop until he attains it.

Then he continues to go. From bed to worse. A man goes hard.

As a man goes so he is. Continuously in motion, a man goes above and beyond all expectations.

A man goes until he can go no longer and even then, he still goes.

As for woman? She goes and she comes. ;)


craving a dozen blackie and a few east indian mangoes right about now.

Nadya Dee