I live my life in abundance. Abundant sunshine, abundant blessings, abundant love.

With every breath we take we are all participants in the abundance of Creation.

Poverty and lack are just manifestations of fear; the fear of not having enough. Which is a fallacy.
Because, as long as we draw breath we contain abundant potential.

Just as a seed placed in soil is watered and then nurtured and grown by the rays of the sun, so too can we bask in the reverence of just BEING.

We grow newer with each day. With each rising sun we get yet another opportunity to carry out the master plan of the Universe: Evolution.

We all do. We all live. Every breathing thing.

Independence is a fallacy, interdependence is where it's at. We all need each other to be a cohesive part of human evolution. The Oneness lies within each and every one of us.

And as the Universe expands within us and through us, we become more abundant.

Until our cups overflow...

..with love.

This blog was brought to you by the heart chakra of...


Nadya Dee