Everything is changing, rearranging. Life as I know it now will never be the same. They say the same man never steps into the same river twice and I am not the same person I was 4 years ago. Hell I am not the same person I was 4 weeks ago!

 So many things have changed. My career path, my dreams, my hopes, my desires are all evolving in accordance with the manifestation of my true purpose. 

Not everyone will get the opportunity to realize their true potential in this current incarnation. Not everyone will ascend. Some will have to stay and relive their lives. Another chance to get it all right. 

As I embrace the many changes taking place within and around me I can only hope that I will remain resilient enough to stay true to my higher self. I will never forget the person I was but I can never be her again. I can never be five years old again. No matter how great life was back then I can never go back. 

The present is all there is, the NOW. The past a mere memory, the future but a dream. Regression and stagnancy are enemies of change. And change is where we are, change is what we are. 

Everything is changing... right now. I can feel it. As the Earth rotates around the Sun, as the Moon makes her rotation around the Earth, as the cosmos come into alignment, I can feel the changes in my soul, tugging at my very being, propelling me into uncertainty.

Change is imminent and continuous. Resistance is futile. 

As butterflies emerge from cocoons, my new life incubates within me, awaiting awakening. 

I can change, I will change...


am the change I wish to see in this world [Ghandi] 

NadYa Dee