Waiting on Inspiration or Divine Intervention

I usually wait on a truly moving experience/ topic before I blog. It's my process. Things of less significance get tweeted or tumbled. But the blog, the blog is for the big things, the main events in my journey through my life. Of course occasionally I might blog about nothing in particular, you know, just because, but for the most part I try to keep it relevant. Something I've been trying to do even more now in my "actual" life.

However sometimes I feel like all I do is wait. Wait for the perfect moment, the perfect story, the perfect time. Shit, I'm still waiting around for the perfect MAN! Only to find that in the present, in the NOW, I am merely waiting in vain. Because for every minute I waste waiting, instead of enacting, is a moment in time that I can never retrieve, never replace.

So I'm gunna start blogging now, whenever now is, in that moment, whenever the spirit moves (whether it be a little nudge or a raas chuck). Or maybe I'll slip back into my procrastinate lifestyle.

Only time will tell.


hates waiting

NadYa Dee