Nadya Dee just walked 12 km

So it's gunna take me some time to get out of the whole status update habit... bear with me here. But yeah... I woke my ass up at 7 this morning... went to Matsumoto (one town over from mine) and walked my ass back to my town.

No, not because I'm an idler. Like seriously? You really think I'd walk for no reason? Hells to the no sir. Not I!

Actually, this weekend is the Myoenji mairi festival [みょうえんじまいり ふぇすた 2010 / 妙園寺詣りフェスタ2010] (held in memory of Shimadzu Yoshihiro, the Lord of Satsuma Province 400 years ago, who led his forces to a successful charge and retreat in the Sekigahara battle. It is one of Kagoshima's three biggest events throughout the year, and draws in crowds from all over the prefecture) and for the past couple years I've missed out on the festivities so I decided to be active this time since this is my final year *fingers crossed*.

So I took the train to Matsumoto this morning and walked with Shoko and Misaki and the rest of Misaki's school all the way, through hills and valleys, back to good ole Ijuin. And now my ass is spent! Sheesh. My back hurts, my feet hurt and I am falling asleep while typing this. But I do feel accomplished, so there's that.

Map showing distance from Matsumoto to Ijuin.

*sidebar* I went into the Softbank on my walk back home to ask them something about my iPhone service and nearly most fell asleep in there waiting for customer service to service me. So a jolly fuck you to softbank ijuin-ten for not having their shit together.

BTW, tomorrow ppl will be walking from Kagoshima City to Ijuin (that's around 20 km). FUCK THAT SHIT! I shall be sleeping. Godspeed to them!

hennyhoo, time for me to have a nice warm bath and take a nap before I have to go out again tonight.


won't be doing that shit again. Ever.

Nadya Dee ... OUT!