The Monkey Commandments

In ascordance with my previous post. I present to you:

The Monkey Commandments.

I. Thou shalt build, anything, anywhere at any time, for the Dawdy seddeth so.

II. Real Bad Men shalt not moggle in shorts. merely straight jeans and cut off foot pants.

III. Thine toothbrush is for thine Clarks first, teeth second.

IV. Thou shalt use bleach on thine face and body but ne'er on thine teeth.

V. Cake soap maketh thine face cool. Wash in it often.

VI. Thou shalt not wear Nautica for these art for sailors as Polo art for Tiger for he art the golfer.

VII. A bag of sneakers shalt leadeth thou to cheesy foot.

VIII. Through all of this, maketh sure thou doth not boweth for thine Clarks.

IX. Rocketh thine shades to the limit, thine rosary chain - the purest and thine G-Shock watch -timeless -- as it is done in Portmore so shall it be done in Uptown.

X. Above all else, I say unto you, honour the Gaza til the end of thine days.