The Party Cup can Save the World!

Okay I must admit that, at first, I thought all this party cup business was just another asinine craze with zero meaning much like a lot of our new Dancehall "hit songs" *cough* Clarks *cough*.

Then I began thinking about it and I've realised that the party cup might just be the best and most environmentally conscious craze to come out of the Dancehall [since "Sweep" of course].

Consider the number of plastic cups you have used and discarded since you've been a party goer. You could probably feed a small nation by now... I know I could! Aside from the bottomless mugs from Risky Business in Negril people tend to be very wasteful when it comes to cup usage at parties. In fact, party-goers contribute to over 67.8%* of the plastic cup waste in the entire world.

That being said, this whole MY cup business, as narcissistic as it may sound, is actually a good thing for the environment. Just think of how much we'd be able to decrease the amount of pollution by simply using and reusing our own cups! INGENIOUS I tell you!

Let's all lift our Party Cups to a less polluted world!!! Kampai!!!


a drink up mi likka likka inna mi party cup

NadYa Dee

*I made that up...