The Goddess Within

In my black historical quest (as well as my search for my next tattoo *winkwink*) my spirit has been led on more than one occasion to Egyptian mythology.

Recently I've been thinking how important it is for us as women to have a deity which we can identify with. I mean if our supreme creator created us in their own image...how can she be a HIM?

SO I look to Mother Earth - Gaia and Goddesses of the past to properly align myself with my true destiny.

Names like Isis, Taweret, Hathor, Nut (Goddess of the Sky) and Bat come to mind.

I'm kinda worried about the recurring cow association within the mythology but I suppose the milky way is one of the most prominent constellations in the sky... plus cattle is considered pretty sacred in "pagan" religion. SO I guess it's understandable.

This isn't blasphemy. This is just me on my quest to find my true self.



channelling the goddess within me

NadYa Dee