Black History Month: Week 1

So in honour of BHM I've been posting notes on Facebook for the past week on black people who have made a positive contribution to the advancement of our race. Of course it's much easier to post info/ tag people/educate the ignorant via FB than it is via the blog since I figure more people will actually read those notes than they would actually visit my website (I know...thems the breaks) In any case, what I will do is post a summary at the end of each week of my findings and for those of you who are my friends on FB feel free to partake in the knowledge there. (Plus is bere copy and pasting mi do an mi nuh waah get sue! lol)

Last week's BHM People
  • Bedward
  • Dutty Boukman
  • Walter Rodney
  • Alice Walker
  • Sare Forbes Bonetta
  • Mary Seacole
  • Bob Marley (Whose birth earth day was February 6th)
In addition to these daily black history gems I've also decided that for the month of February I will attempt to simultaneously read, Walter Rodney's 'How Europe Underdeveloped Africa' [electronically], WEB DuBois' 'The Souls of Black Folks' and Nelson Mandela's Autobiography 'Long Walk to Freedom'.

Wish me luck!!!


learning about my history...one book at a time

NadYa Dee