The Secret of Blue Water

No, this is not the title for some erotic fiction (even though that does give me an idea). 'Secret of Blue Water' is the title of the movie/ anime featuring a character named [drumroll please] ....

>>> Nadia!!! Yes genklepeeple! I'm an ANIME!!! and a Dark-skinded one at that! Yaaay me!!!
and even though it's spelt with an I instead of a Y... they are both spelt the same in katakana >>> ナディア.

I tend to get worked up about the spelling of my name [with a Y not an I] because, well, it exemplifies just how unique I truly am.

In any case. I've been meaning to post this on here for a while now and I wasn't gunna let the new year ketch mi with it still as an intention.

I am well on my way to beating this beast called procrastination!

But yeh, that's all for now.


thinking of going as my Anime for Halloween next year...

NadYa Dee