Wanty-wanty cyaah get...

...and getty-getty nuh want.

You ever notice that the person that you want the most is always the person that eludes you? While in the same breath, the one who is hankering after you, messaging and calling you all the time, you won't give the time of day.

For whatever reason, as humans we always want the unattainable and are discontent with that which is right in front of us. So instead of turning to face the once who is chasing us, we turn away and run towards another who shows little if no signs of interest.

As if, just knowing that you have already "won" your admirer's affection makes the conquest less appealing and you instantly lose interest. While the one who poses a challenge gets more and more attractive to you the more they resist. Even when you're probably not really interested in them per se but rather the conquest.

It's like being on a treadmill: you keep running and running but you never ever get anywhere.
Of course, the exercise is good and it elevates your heart rate, but when it's all over you get off the treadmill, get into your car and drive your ass home.

Until one day, you finally find that one who pursues you but doesn't chase and you stand and face each other secure in the knowledge that the race is finally over and you've won first prize.


feel like I'm chasing my own tail

NadYa Dee