Peen Control

This one is dedicated to my muse. You know who you are ;o)

I've been thinking a lot lately about the control that sex and subsequently peen has over me and my life. As well as the control that the vajayjay (specifically mine) has over men (past, present and future).

My vajay has been ruling me for quite some time now. Dictating where I go and who I do. It is my sexual compass; pointing me towards the most suitable mate. Even though there are times when it lacks direction. Right now it is kinda spinning out of control, trying to find any suitable penis within a 100 mile radius...

There are times when I wonder what my life would be like if I never discovered the ecstasy of orgasm; the overwhelming thrill of a penis thrusting itself deep into my secret garden until I erupt.

Would my experience in Japan be fuller if I didn't know the sheer pleasure of a long, thick chocolate stick penetrating my creamy centre?

Would I be in a monogamous relationship right now instead of lusting night after night for my special collection of unattainable (but oh so good) peens?

Ah well, it makes no sense to dwell on such things because what's done is done (and trust me I've been done good and proper! ansuh! ;o)

Lately, one thing I have discovered is that sex, peen (and the lack thereof) can induce a certain level of insanity.

I was literally on a horny rant all morning on twitter. Expressing my frustration with having not had sex for 10 entire months. I honestly think that I am losing my mind. I just don't understand how people willingly put themselves through abstinence.

In any case as I ranted, I started thinking about the consequences of getting too wrapped up in penis. You see, I've always prided myself on being more the predator than the prey when it comes to affairs of a sexual nature. Then I had a revelation!

I decided that at this point in my life, I actually don't mind giving over the control to someone else. (as long as they prove themselves worthy i.e the dick is present when and where I need it, and it does what needs to be done.)

I suppose the trick is to try your best not to get too caught up in the penis power that you forget who you are and what your purpose is.

Alexyss Tylor speaks on the power of the penis on her show Vagina Power. See video below.

Ms. Tylor speaks the truth!!! All Penises are NOT created equal!
Can I get a Hey-Men?!?!

Alas, back to my horny solitude.


curious to see if a buddy can really rule me