Oyin Handmade

A few months ago I heard about Oyin Handmade products from a few friends of mine over here in Japan. They gave the products rave reviews: they were all natural, smelled good, healthy and environmentally friendly. Plus (and here's the clincher) they shipped to JAPAN!

So I figured "What the Hey?" They used cocoa butter and honey, two ingredients that I also use in my daily moisturising regime so I figured it wouldn't be too much of a change for me. Not to mention they also use Shea Butter amongst other all natural ingredients.

So on September 10th (my mumzy's bday) I visited the website [www.oyinhandmade.com] perused their products for a while and decided on: 1 Honeysticks delicious lipbalm (which I have yet to try), 1 After Bath Coco Mango blended body oil, 1 Funk Butter (Coco Mango) natural Cream Deoderant, 1 Chocolate Body Butter 'Candy' Bar and a 4 piece Hair Care Sampler.

This is the 4 piece Hair Care Sampler.

I had already heard prior to ordering that it would take around 2 weeks for them to MAKE the products not to mention the time it would take for it to be shipped all the way over here, so I placed my order and basically forgot about it until I received an e-mail from Oyin informing me that my package was shipped via USPS International Priority Mail on Tuesday 29th September.

Then on early Sunday morning (11th October) Mr. Postman came with my box from Oyin! Ureshikatta!!! (I was so happy). Over all it took one month to order, prepare and ship my products. Which was just about how long I was expecting it to take. So yattaaa!

The first thing I tried (after showering) was the Chocolate Body Butter Bar (seen on the right) on the areas that need chocolate loving the most and it smelled divine! I know a lot of people have problems with the smell of cocoa butter and while the Body Butter still has the undertone of cocoa butter it really does smell like a candy bar and it leaves you smelling like one too. Which comes in might handy for times when you want to be ...uhm...devoured ;o)

I applied the Coco Mango After Bath Body Oil (Seen on the right) and while I don't entirely like the feel of oil in my hands I love how it makes my skin feel soft and I absolutely love smelling like coconut and mango. :o)

That's all I've actually tried for now (excepting the whipped pudding on my face in the mornings to keep it from drying out in the day...trust me it works!) But I suppose even without testing all the products you could call me a SATISFIED customer.

Thanks Oyin.


smells yummy