My Super Breasts

With Great Breasts Come Great Responsibility.
Recently, I've come to the realization that my boobs are even more SuperB than I previously thought. Of course I always knew that they were amazing. Anyone who truly knows me, knows how in love I am with my breasts. For more than 10 years, Narcey and Fluffy have been my closest friends, nearest and dearest to my heart.

However it was not until a few weeks ago that I became aware of the true potential of these beautiful, soft, love cushions on my chest and the power they possess.

The story goes:

A couple weeks ago, I was on my way to a Mighty Crown party in Fukuoka (a City to the north of my prefecture, Google it). To get to Fukuoka I have to take a train from my town to my city then a bus from my city to Fukuoka City.

So I get ready at home, intending to take a train that would get me to the city just in time to catch the bus. I spend about 30 minutes figuring out what to wear. Eventually I decide on a button up fluffy dress/top and a pair of jeans. I get dressed, pack up my shit and head to the train station.

On the train I discover that my pretty, floral, fluffy top has been assaulted and violated by my breasts. See picture below.

Just because I decided to button the top buttons so as not to flash everyone in my little town. Yes my right breast (aka Fluffy) fully ripped a hole in the [flimsy] top.

My poor soul! So not only am I forced to pull the buttons and release my breasts from their confinement, I am then left with the issue of concealing this big ole tear and I'm not even at the damn party yet.

The initial plan was to unveil the boobies once I got to the safety of Fukuoka where people tend to stare less at my breasts than in my likkle city. Of course at that point I had no other choice but to let the girls out and start the party early.

You can just imagine the stares they got that night! They were in their element I tell you!

Anyhoo. It was on the bus on my way to Fukuoka that I discovered that these breasts of mine are like Super Heroes.

I mean I have to conceal their true identity from the public because their power is too much for the untrained eye! lol. Plus they're so strong they tear blouses and burst buttons!

Furthermore, you know how people say that Nanny shot bullets from her buttocks? Well I'm sure if I were to lodge a bullet in my cleavage and squeeze inwards they'd injure anything and anyone in their path! [Please see Shakka Breasts video demonstration below...lmbo!]

These breasts should be registered as weapons of mass distraction AND destruction!!!!

I swear! Them can mash up any man head!!! LOL! I need to be more careful what I do with these bad boys. Dem soon gi some man heart attack!!! Wooooiiiiiii!!!!


just won the best Breast trophy..AGAIN ;o)