How does one gerow up?

I am hoping above and beyond all hopes that this is some play on words that I don't get because I've been living outside of Jamaica. Or maybe it's a word I'm not familiar with? Because I REFUSE to believe that the imbeciles at the Jamaica Gleaner really mispelled the word GROW. And in the fucking headline at that!!!!!!!! 

So until I receive clarification I will don my dunce cap and assume that the Gleaner is using some superior language in which gerow is an actual word.

Outside of that I would be left only to believe that the Gleaner editors hate their jobs and are attempting to sabotage the paper. 

See for yourself here --> GEROW  for maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. 

I even refreshed the page...but it's still there! Please tell me this is a bad dream!!! Or maybe a horrible prank? I'm so flabbergasted I feel like therowing something!


So apparently it's wasn't done on purpose it was a typo see the correction here...

Wonders never cease!


still in disbelief as to the fuckry that is the Jamaica Gleaner

NadYa Dee