The Gleaner Fails...AGAIN!

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have a constant bone ot pick with the Jamaica Gleaner, moreso the editors of this "national" newspaper because while writers are all human and bound to make errors, the editors are hired to EDIT the articles before they are presented to the public. 

To believe that back in the day students were encouraged to read the Gleaner as an example of proper writing technique! Now I suppose you could play "find all the grammatical errors" or better yet...use it fi sop up water pan groun or wrap up knife.

Nevertheless, as a Jamaican living abroad I reluctantly receive email notifications from the Gleaner online so as to keep myself abreast on what's NEW in Jamaica. Generally I browse the headlines and if I see an interesting article i'd read it in detail. 

But Monday January 19th 2009 marked the epic fail in the integrity of the Jamaica Gleaner in my eyes. Would you believe that on the cusp of the US President's Inauguration and so many other important events taking place both internationally and locally the Jamaica Gleaner had as it's HEADLINE the following???

Sex in recession - Prostitutes slash prices - Parlours see 50% decline - Layoffs hurt businesses
 Like seriously??? NO MAN!!! Gleaner needs to come better than that man! Isn't there a quality control division at the Jamaica Gleaner? Are the Editors both drunk and sniffing crack??? 

How does a story about prostitutes having to drop their prices EVER become front page news?? 

I would expect something like this from THE JAMAICA STAR but not the Gleaner.

Laaks it look like seh mi haffi guh start read Observer from now on. 

What is the world coming to???

Heaven help us all.


Nadya Dee