Bad Mind is surely active

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. The following is in reference to a presentation for my mid-year seminar that I am supposed to be doing with a Japanese English Teacher at my school.

I believe that if mi nuh type this out to sumbody I going tell this woman two claat an raas badword an lose mi likkle work, an mi nah mek shi draw mi out in yah todeh!


Ok so after mi print off copies of the lessons yesterday for the big head ooman an feeling content within myself about the presentations progression, I come to school today and leave the copies of the lessons for her on her desk. I had a lesson in the morning so when I came back to the office I was merely going to enquire if she saw the papers, not have a long conversation with her.
When I approached her she promptly dismissed me saying "I can't talk to you now, I have a lesson" and walks off. Now mommy mi yeye dem follow her straight down di corridor cause I was astonished. So there I am standing with my jaw on the floor, because for a country so big on being respectful I couldn't believe how the woman just disrespect me while ago. Not even to hear what i'm saying which would have taken 5 seconds.
Anyways, when she returned to the office she asked me what I was saying to her before she left, I told her I was just asking if she saw the papers. She then asks me what they are for, like I didn't explain it all to her on Wednesday. After I explain it to her I put my earphones back in my ears and continue what I was doing, shi mussi feel seh she's the only person here who have things fi do. She then interrupts me again to tell me:
....GET THIS ...
"Please do not speak to me before my lesson"
Now a wah di raaas do dah ooman yah doh God? how di hell me did fi know seh shi did have a lesson? an even if that was the case, she coulda deal wid mi much better than that. As of right now I am no longer communicating with her, she getting the icey shoulder, wus like how mi a have PMS.
Now I am considering asking her if I really need to do the presentation with her, and possibly explaining that she has no time to confer with me and doesn't seem interested in the presentation or something. Because I really do not want to be doing anything with this woman. I don't want to have to speak to her again. She has absolutely no manners, obviously she has something against me, and I don't have to take it. I am waiting on some advice before I do anything. Still trying my best not to lick down dis ooman or give her piece of my mind.
Pray for me!
That was my week that was... Yet another tongue-holding exercise. By the time mi lef yah it a guh well muscular!
Nadya Dee