I'm hiding from the NHK man. YUP. I'm sitting here in my apato, lights off, pretending i'm somewhere else, while he rings my doorbell, over and over again. DING DONG! DING DONG! The thing is when he came the first time, I told him to return @ 3. So now i'm pretending I went on the road. He doesn't seem to buy it. DING DONG! DING DONG! Knock Knock Knock!


OK I think he's gone...pheeew!

Why am I hiding? you may be wondering. Well hear this: apparently in this wonderful country everyone who owns a TV has to pay the TV station ppl (NHK) a fee every month, even though I DON'T WATCH TV! It's preposterous! Atleast I think so, but when in Nippon do as the Nipponese, I guess.
But the thing is, I don't have the money. I mean I probably do, in my bank account, but I think that money would be much better spent on food than on paying for owning a TV.

What I really want to know is why it is EVERYONE neglected to inform me of this tidbit of information. I mean I know I'm making enough money to supplement all these expenses they keep springing up on me, but what about a little prior notice? Is that too much to ask? What if I had debts to be repaying in Jamaica and already sent back half of my paycheck? What would happen then?

I mean in Jamaica, TVJ and CVM don't charge us do they? bwoy...first world mi batty! Not that it would stop anyone from bridging the TV jus like them bridge di cable. Speaking of cable, I have yet to hook up my satellite, the satellite I was sold but didn't pay for. Simply because the fassy who sold me the satellite forgot to tell me that I'd have to buy a card to actually watch anything...a card that costs more than the satellite... frigging hell!
And so, since I got the laptop I haven't even turned on the TV and now I have to pay for having it in here, collecting dust. Sheeeeeeiiiiit!

I am sick and tired of ppl assuming that I have money at my disposal, burning my pockets. I mean, the office recently told me that I have to pay for my hotel stay in Tokyo as well as the plane trip to Kagoshima and some other miscellaneous stuff. Yes, they're gunna transfer the money to my account and all I have to do is go to the bank and hand in a form, but then after I got that all cleared up, the office lady kindly informed me that the transfer comes at a cost, and i'd have to pay it because they'd only be fwding the amount on the bill. Now what a raas is this?
I never even know that I was going to have anything to do with the payment of the trip, as far as I was concerned it was to be paid by either CLAIR or the office and I need not worry about it. So now fi dem a spring dis upon mi is a autaclaps! Mi bex man, mi know seh a nuh nuff money but geez, dem couldn't just pay it dem damn self an lef mi outta it? Mi feel seh a jus badmin dem badmin!

DINGDONG! Knock Knock Knock! DINGDONG!

Mi raaas! Him come back!

Mi gone yah
I-N-I, NadyaDee