So i'm @ school now. Fukiage Koko that is. I visit this school once a week and normally have three classes per day... but not today. Yes, I was scheduled to have three classes and I had one this morning which went quite well if I may say so myself, then for my second class with the older male English teacher (the first class was with the female JTE, Maki-sensei, she's cool and shorter than me :) ) I ended up returning to the staff room before the class ended.

Why? you may be thinking. Was I ill? was I sent away for misbehaviour? yeh right. Nope my loveys. I was sent away because he obviously had no use for me and couldn't stand seeing me sit there half-asleep, half-starving, twiddling my thumbs (it's what I do when i'm bored stiff).

Now a little background info here, this said teacher, a teacher of English mind you, conducts every class in nihongo (japanese for you non speakers). I mean the only time English is even uttered in his class is when i'm speaking! So I guess today, due to the upcoming exams, they need to be studying and obviously me, the ASSISTANT LANGUAGE TEACHER, could be of no assistance. Oh well c'est la vie. Atleast it afforded me the opportunity to type this here rant on my blog. So, thank you Mr. Take-sensei, for NOTHING!

I just want to know one thing, if unnu wasn't gwine use mi tideh, why unnu nevah mek mi tan a mi RAAS yaad!!!

That's it from me for now