Ijuin, Kagoshima, Japan.

I'm writing this here post not only because it's been a while since i've written anything (publicly that is) but because I have nothing else doing really. I spent the whole day researching my new home online. Well the little information that I was able to salvage from the world wide web. I guess I now have a clearer idea of where I am going and what i'll be facing once I arrive. Still waiting on a reply from my predecessor or the package that he is preparing for me. Prior to this JET programme I never really conceptualised the vastness that is Japan and the changes that i'd be encountering once my arrival. But as the time draws nigh, I am confronted with the reality of my displacement. Ijuin, Kagoshima is a town west of Kagoshima City, but is accessible by train. I'm still a bit unclear of my exact situation, but as the JETs reiterated "everyone's experience is different". After a weekend long orientation showing the worst case scenarios, I think I'll be able to manage quite well. Atleast I hope. I'm excited about the hot springs and the volcano and the lush vegetation. On the other hand though, i'm gunna miss the comfort of home life. The unknown is pretty scary but then what isn't unknown in this day and age. I just hope everything works out according to plan. And I plan to make the best out of my year-long exodus to Kagoshima, Japan.