The Hunt

When did we as women become the hunter rather than the hunted? Day after day I hear of the sacrifices women are making to find, get and keep a man. Is this what we have come to? Remember the days of old, when men would court a woman? YES! Court! When the game was a contest of worth. When the choices were better. Sense rather than sensibility. It seems the more we become independent the more we display our weaknesses. We have mastered doing almost everything for ourselves. What we're still puzzling is how to simulate the comfort and stability that man represents. That's why even homosexuals role play I guess.

I mean, how is it that we as strong women are still broken down by mere mortal man? Celestial Queens that we all are. It is the fallacy of the phallus that perpetuates us as the "fairer" sex. How can we break free of the dependent syndrome? or is it genetically encoded that we as women, the chalice, the ovum, the egg are always to be left overflowing with emotions while men retreat and merely go and find another vessel to fill?

It is the dichotomy of man-woman relationships that I woke up with on my mind. As I prepare to partake in another. Just yesterday I had a disagreement with a male about who's wants were dictating our knowledge of each other. He seemed to have assumed that he was the sole decider of when we copulate. I had to give him a rude awakening of course and enlighten him to the fact that it was neither of us who were in charge. Is di pussy run tings.

And I guess as the ice caps melt and the temperature increases, the pussy, being the sensitive organ that it is, intuits the impending doom and in an effort for survival becomes more aggressive, making the males the prey and us, now the predators.

Nadya Dee