Wonders Never Cease

I should be writing, but I haven't. Haven't done a Chronicle in about a month which is inextricably linked to the fact that, before today, I hadn't had sex for about a month. And sex, ofcourse, is the inspiration for all my highly erotic fiction.

However it is no excuse and after I go on my retreat this weekend I will muster up a few additions to the chronicles of the mate. I make no promises because they only comfort fools and I am NO fool.

But I do need to write something.
Although I normally write on impulse, my impulses are telling me to write...anything.

So here goes anything, a short story out of nowhere.

P.S. This one is Rated-R

One Minute Man

Chest bare, he began to work his tongue around her nipple while he neatly slipped her draws to her knees. He felt her muscles relax as he pressed his thumb against her clit, rubbing gently in a clock-wise motion. He felt her moisture seaping into his palm and slipped two fingers in to catch the drift. Her moans indicated consent and satisfaction with his procedure thus far. Could he do it? in one minute? Wonders seldom ceased and so she accepted the challenge wholeheartedly. It was after all, a win-win situation, either way she was guarranteed an orgasm. And that was her sole mission. He placed her onto the bonnet of the car as he pulled her underwear further down around her ankles. It was dark, with only the full moon to highlight the wonder of their passionate encounter.

He worked his fingers, in and out while making sure to apply more pressure with his thumb, which was still rubbing on her clit. With every rotation of his thumb she felt a surge throughout her body, which ended at the tip of her nipple which he sucked as he thrust his finger deeper inside. He looked into her eyes and saw her resilience, he knew it would take all his tricks to make this one a believer. All he needed to do now was to locate her secret spot.

Only thirty seconds had passed when he finally found the missing link. Using his middle finger, he flicked the spot gently and observed her reaction. She bucked and arched her back, gripping his hand tighter between her legs. In response, he thrust deeper, flicking faster as he continued rubbing, while simultaneously taking her nipple inbetween the thumb and index finger of his left hand, tuning as he gently blew across the tip. By now his right hand was soaking, but the finish line was within reach. It started with her left leg, the uncontrollable trembling. It travelled along her spine and over to the right. He slipped his left hand in the small of her back, rocking her as she climaxed, whispering "Oh my fuck, Oh my fuck, ooooooooooh shiiiiiiit,yessssss".

His phone beeped. 60 seconds on the dot. He smiled and unzipped his pants, revealing his rock hard cock.

"Now, my turn" he said.

P.S. as it turned out this story isn't as random as I thought...it was subliminally influenced by a stupid article i read on entertainmentjade.com called what women want. I refuse to post a link to it because it's absolute drivel. But it DID inspire me to write this here story. So kudos to the ass who wrote it!