New Year: Who dis?

Over the years (since I started this blog in 2007) my ability to compose content on a consistent basis has been ...well... sporadic and quite inconsistent to say the least; the very least. 

I'm going to chalk it up to a preoccupation with adult things instead of berating myself for not being committed enough or dedicated enough to, what has been for the most part, a necessary and welcome outlet for my thoughts, feelings and musings over the past decade. 

So this year I've decided that instead of making a grandiose gesture/ resolution to blog more I am simply going to do it. 

No pressure. 
No timelines. 
No deadlines.
No lifelines. 
No "It's been TEN years since I started this blog so I should do some TOP TEN lists about things that matter to me" (Hey now, that's not such a bad idea...)

If I feel compelled to share something then I will. If not, then I won't. 

No harm. 
No foul. 

Of course, this may very well mean that this post could be the only post I make for 2017. 

But it could also mean that, with no limitations or restrictions, I might actually find myself posting more frequently and that in and of itself is more than enough for me.

There really is no telling what could transpire. Some days I'm overactive on social media and other days I crawl into my shell -- reluctant to resurface. 

Adulting can be rough and with every day I process and grow. 

You know how it is. Life is like the Cockpit Country -- filled with hills and valleys. 

Nevertheless, I have been feeling for some time that I still have something worthwhile to say. 
Also, with all the changes on the horizon I might as well use this medium to share my developments. 

So stay tuned. 
Or don't. 
Your choice.


Still going and growing with each passing day. 

Nadya Dee