Spiritual Detergent: Creating a Clean Heart [Ritual]

Things you need: 
an unclean heart/mind/soul/chakra
Frankincense & Myrrh (optional)
White sage smudging stick 
Crystals (Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst etc)
Spiritually uplifting reading material (Bible, Quran, Sutras)
Steam Chalice & Lamb's Bread (optional)

"Mankind need to cleanse and wash out them soul with spiritual detergent..."


STEP ONE: Create an altar somewhere quiet where you can meditate in peace. This is a perfect time to steep your Iyashi Herbs Herbal Infusion. 
STEP TWO: Set your intention i.e. to cleanse your heart/spirit/soul. You can do this by saying a prayer, calling on your Higher Self and invoking the Spiritual guidance of your ancestors/ angels/ Ascended Masters. 
STEP THREE: Light the candle, the incense and the white sage. Cleanse the area, your body and your crystals with an attitude of gratitude. You can also burn the Frankincense & Myrrh at this time.

"Clean up your heart and come..."

STEP FOUR: Allow all negative thoughts/ feelings to melt away as you read an inspirational passage from your Bible/ Quran/ Sutras etc. 
STEP FIVE: Gently sip on your herbal brew as you meditate on the words you have just read. Sipping from your steam chalice can be done at this point also.
STEP SIX: Close your eyes and, using your third eye, visualize a pure white light expanding from the centre of your heart chakra and engulfing your entire body as it transmutes all negativity into LOVE. 
STEP SEVEN: Utter words of gratitude for all the persons you have encountered in your life on this earthly plane. Without them you would not be who you are today. Together we are all ONE. 



Nadya Dee

"Put your lighters in the air from you know your heart clean like a whistle..."