Nadya Dee in the News! [Japanese and Local]

Recently, an article I wrote for Kyodo news about my experience while living in Japan was published (in Japanese) on their online news website. Here's the link for those of you who can actually read nihongo (Japanese).
Kyodo News Article in Japanese 

For my English-speakers out there, the article was also posted in English on the JETwit website.

Click here to view.

I was initially approached by JETwit to do the article for its series on Rural JETs to which I graciously accepted.

Living in the country-side is no joke. Lucky for me I had the sea-side and great friends to make it bearable.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to document and share my journey and growth over the four years I lived in Kagoshima. I am truly a better and more evolved being for that experience.

Ichi go ichi e Article on JETwit website

I also got a honourable mention in the Jamaican newspapers in an article where the writer, after reading my article, decided to centre in on the part about me writing a book. Not to mention him referring to me as "Forbes" {cringes}.

Aaah! Journalism at its best. Alas...

...for those of you who are wondering when the book will actually be published, well... so am I.


Just kidding... but it is a work in progress and I just hope that the Most High guides my heart and words as I put pen, mind and heart to paper.


looking forward to many more milestones and many more publications.

Nadya Dee