Thursday June 27, 1985 -- Strong Winds bring African dust into Jamaica

This year is an exact replica of the year I was born. True Story. My birthday this year falls exactly on the day that I was born some 25 + years ago. 

Scheduled to descend on Saturday June 22, 1985 I chose to hold tight for just a little bit longer and as such on Thursday June 27, 1985 I made a subconscious and divine decision to grace this planet with my physical presence. 

And it has been blessings after blessings ever since that wondrous day. 

This Earth Day is numerically and cyclically significant because as a Cancer I am ruled by the moon and the moon goes through a 28-day cycle from New to Full and back again. 

So this particular "New Year" represents a unique opportunity for me to re-evaluate and re-assess my life's trajectory thus far. 

Which led me back to the beginning with some investigation and research surrounding this mystical day -- June 27, 1985. 

Now what I am about to share with you is pretty phenomenal. While doing some research for work last month I found a copy of the Daily Gleaner that was published on the day of my birth and this is what it had to say: 

Can you believe it? The first breath I took on this earth had Africa in it! Signs and Wonders! 

The article begins, "Jamaica's Blue Mountains have not been very blue over the past few weeks. For the most part they have been hidden behind a thick pall of dust. Most of this dust, believe it or not, has come all the way from Africa, transported by strong winds. This dust, known as African, Saharan or Sahelian dust, has generated a massively thick dust haze over Jamaica which has caused much respiratory bother for numerous people especially in the south coastal areas of the island. The dust has been everywhere, in the eyes, nostrils, throat, hair and in the home."

When I read it it was as if the Universe was sending me a direct message: You don't have to be born in Africa for Africa to be with (in) you. 

So now I carry this profound piece of knowledge with me as a talisman and a testament to the greatness of the Almighty Creator and continue to long for the day that I can rest my feet upon the sacred land of my ancestors, lift my eyes up to the majestic hills, feel the Sun upon my face and breathe in that African dust once again! 


was born with Africa in my lungs

Nadya Dee