Lady Captain Planet

Thanks to a friend of mine and my constant random references to Captain Planet I decided to do this blog post.

I am and have always been a huge fan of Captain Planet. From Gaia to the little dude who had the power of "heart" I fell in love with the concept of youths saving the planet. Not to mention this hot blue man with green hair and rock solid abs who would swoop in to save the day! Oooh lawdy! 

Which got me to thinking about Captain planet's lady love. I mean, saving the world is hard work. I sure hope Captain Planet had a likkle lady at home to cook him a hot meal and rub his back and his feet with extra virgin olive oil. To kiss his temple and reassure him that every thing is alright. 

After all, every good man needs a good woman, especially the kind of man who takes pollution down to zero. And if for some reason he doesn't have a woman to keep his bed warm at nights, I would humbly fill that position, so that I too can play my part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race. 


believe in saving the planet by any means necessary

Nadya Dee