A Long Count & A New Beginning

You are still here. Living, breathing and existing on this amazing planet Gaia. 
The earth was not struck by a meteor 
The world did not come to an end 
All is Well 
Nothing has changed 

Unless, of course, you actively decided to Word Sound a New Beginning for yourself. 

Unless you made the conscious decision to release all negativity, all things that no longer serve you then life would be the same. And that would be a shame. Because what is life if it is not about constant change. 

For an in depth understanding of the Mayan Long Count Calendar you can click here but if you really want to know what this galactic and cyclical change is all about all you need to do is look within. 

Go deep within, silence your mind and connect with the Divine. 

Today is the Winter Solstice, the longest night and shortest day of the entire year. 
So light some sage, meditate, balance your chakras and howl at the moon. 

The end of your old life has come and a New Beginning is Here. Claim it in the Supreme Name of the Almighty Creator. King of Kings and Lord of All Lords. 

am glad to be ALIVE 

Nadya Dee