My Journey to Womb Wellness

For those who may not already know, I am an aspiring Herbalist. 

It is my dream, nay duty, to heal the world and one of my chosen methods is through the herbs. So far self taught, I've been using herbal remedies and teas for quite some time to heal myself. For one cannot truly heal the world before healing oneself. 

Since last year I've been incrementally regenerating my womb with herbal tonics and teas. I know (and have known) too many women plagued with the "curse" of menstrual cramps. I too used to suffer through that monthly demon of mood swings, misery and a pain that rivaled no other. In an attempt to detox my liver and heal myself, I made an active decision to stop taking drugs (pharmaceutical drugs) but I still found myself every month relying on painkillers to relieve my menstrual pains. 

Then I was introduced to womb healing and womb wellness by Queen Afua and her books Heal Thyself and Sacred Woman. Now I am proud to say that with each moon cycle and a strict herbal regimen, I experience my sacred moment in peace (with only slight and occasional discomfort) and I want this for all my Universal siSTARS. 

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This is not a secret magical potion, just a regular dosage of Red Raspberry Leaf tea supplemented by a special blend of additional healing herbs created specifically for our wombs by the Creator. 

Red Raspberry Leaf is a herb that relaxes the womb and promotes overall womb wellness. It also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieves the symptoms of PMS. In the days leading up to your period (and especially throughout) make yourself a nice cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea twice daily. Mint is a nice addition as well as parsley and chamomile. As you sip on your tea, relax your body and mind and meditate on the following Womb Prayer. 

This Womb Prayer was taken from Queen Afua's book Heal Thyself: 
"You are a woman. This is a most sacred time for you; a time of renewal, a time for power. Women of old did not suffer. They would go to themselves and pray, heal, receive spiritual messages for guidance and give thanks for their womaness.”
- excerpt from ‘In All My Born Days’ by Ayoka Chenzra
Womb Massage

Chakras are like spirals of energy, each relating to a particular aspect of our endocrine system. The second chakra is called the Sacral chakra and relates to the reproductive system. This, for women, is our ovaries.  As you massage your womb with olive oil and meditate on your Sacral chakra, chant the following affirmation (from Queen Afua's 'Overcoming an Angry Vagina'),  

"I release all malice out of my ovaries so that they may be clean and pure." 

As women, our health is inextricably linked to the health of Mother Earth. It is our responsibility to restore balance to this Earth but we can only do so when we truly heal ourselves. Our internal wellness is a direct reflection of our outer environment.  

So I offer to you these words to you so that you too may find encouragement. We are all One. When you heal, I heal. Heal yourself, Heal your womb. Be Well. 


Nadya Dee