Man Recession

There is obviously a recession in the quality AND quantity of readily available men. 

I do not say this to disillusion you. I am merely stating a fact. 

A good man is hard to find and a hard man is, well... you know the rest. 

In these current times of equal rights and fights for justice, women seem to be finally receiving the respect and acknowledgement they deserve. But to what end? In light of Woman's rise to prominence there is a direct decrease in the prospects of "good" men. 

Before I go any further let me accurately define MAN for those of you who may be itching to disagree with me.

When I say MAN I am not merely referring to a human adult male. No, when I refer to a MAN I am specifically speaking about a person with the qualities often associated with masculinity such as bravery, spirit, or toughness. More than that, I am speaking about a male who has fully actualized his divine responsibility as a protector of the realm (yes I know, too much Game of Thrones). A true MAN respects and honours the dichotomy of masculine and feminine energies within himself as well as on this planet and the entire Universe. A MAN respect all life and more so, he understands that life on this planet would cease to exist without WOMAN.

In this the year of our Lord two thousand and twelve, I can safely say that the percentage of males who fit the above description has significantly "recessed". 

But there is a spark of hope. 

I hope, that in redefining what we, as women, expect from our men that maybe, just maybe we can start motivating and encouraging them to discover their true potential. 

I believe that together, ALL women across the globe, can start manifesting some NEW MEN. Ascended beings who truly love and appreciate us as women. Enlightened manifestations of the Creator who protect us from evil rather than subjecting and subjugating us. 

If we are to be strong empowered women in this upcoming Ascension then it is imperative that we reverse this current man recession and start demanding better of our men and better for ourselves. 

I have to believe that there are good men out there somewhere, they may just be hiding behind a veil of ego and fear. It's up to us who know better to guide and nurture them. And if that fails, we might need to chip away at their rough exterior to get to the gem underneath. 

Seek Balance always.


NadYa Dee