How to plant a tree

In 27 days on the 27th of June I will celebrate 27 years on this lovely planet, Gaia: Mama Earth. So I've decided that instead of feeding my ego, I'd feed the earth, with seeds. 

In celebration of my Earth Day this year I am imploring all my friends, well-wishers and loved ones to PLANT A TREE FOR ME. 

My Apple Tree with 19 leaves! :-D

It's not just for me though, it's for everyone. I want to share the joy of life with the entire world! 

All I ask is that when the tree grows up and starts bearing, you share some of its abundance with me. and perhaps some progress reports as the tree grows. That is all! 

How does one go about growing a tree exactly?

Below I have outlined the steps to planting a tree based on my own personal experience, for those of you who may be unfamiliar. 

1. You need a seed. Preferably a seed that came directly from the fruit of a tree. If you have no seeds then you can buy a pack of seeds from the local market and/or supermarket. You can also check garden centres and flower shops (for eg. Shields and Shields & Liguanea Drug & Garden Centre) 

2. You will also need soil. If you are blessed enough to own land then just plant the seed directly into the ground. Ensure there is sufficient minerals in the soil to facilitate gestation. You can buy topsoil if the soil doesn't seem moist and fertile enough. 

3. Ensure the soil is moist then take the seed and implant it firmly into the soil. Cover it with rich soil. 

4. Pour water on the area.

5.  Ensure the space gets sufficient sunlight (but not too much) and

6. Watch it grow. 

With each new day while watering the plant give thanks to the Almighty Creator for allowing you to take part in manifesting life. 

One very important aspect of growing any living thing is SABALI: Patience.

Meditate on the following words as you patiently await the opportunity to witness the miracle of life springing forth from the Earth: 

"The desires of my heart are like seeds. They respond to careful planning and nurturing, and they manifest in their own time. Just as a gardener knowns not to disturb germinating seeds to check their progress, I learn to be patient and not worry as my life unfolds. I trust that God is ever-present. My desires will bear fruit in time, and all is well."


still sowing seeds and planting trees. Join me. 

NadYa Dee

Earthlight in T minus 27 days.